The rugs are the cross and delight of many homes because they embellish the rooms, make them welcoming, elegant and personalized, but they are also the ones that get dirty with great ease and collect everything that comes from outside.

They are also prone to stains from food, liquids and children’s toys and that is why it is useful to be informed about how to wash carpets .

There are many dedicated products on the market but if you care about respecting the environment, you want to save money and probably get an even better result, then follow the next tips that you will need to make your carpets clean and always with vivid colors.

Washing carpets in an environmentally friendly way
It is not difficult to wash your carpets in an environmentally friendly way because everything you need is easily available in any home products store, and many of these substances you already have at hand. These are in particular salt, vinegar, baking soda, Marseille soap and more, which combined create effective and very low cost detergents. Then they are methods that adapt to any type of fabric: wool or synthetic material, with long and short hair and return freshness without chemical agents.

Carpets cleaned with baking soda
The uses of baking soda are innumerable in the home and, even for carpets, it proves to be a real wonder. Just sprinkle it all over the surface, in particular where there are any stains of any kind, and let it act for a few hours. Then vacuum the residues with the vacuum cleaner or go over again with a sponge cloth or so as not to fray the fabric. You will notice that the carpet will have brighter colors and will no longer present any bad smells. In fact, sodium bicarbonate, in addition to being a powerful disinfectant for any surface, even diluted in water, absorbs any bad smell, even long-standing.

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