They enrich and complete even the most minimal furnishings, give color and warmth and help define their spaces. The carpets are one of those details that give character to the space and can make a difference in the style of a house. In the past they were the emblem of wealth and testified to the ease and social prestige of families.

the way in which the rugs are positioned and how they relate to the furnishings, in any domestic environment.

In the living area , it is advisable to place a carpet large enough to outline the area where the sofa, coffee table and any other seats are located. The designers suggest leaving roughly a space of 40-45 centimeters between the edges of the carpet and the walls. In the living room it is not advisable to use small rugs, which would make the furnishings of the entire room seem disproportionate. Two different rugs can be used in the same room, provided they have similar shades.

In the dining room , it is advisable to choose a carpet large enough to be placed under the table and chairs, even when they are moved backwards to sit down.

In the kitchen , many choose small rugs to be placed in front of the sink. The advice is not to limit the choice to typical kitchen mats, but to choose large or long and narrow rugs, which will give the kitchen a more sophisticated and modern look.

In the sleeping area it is advisable to place a large carpet under the bed and make sure that it comes out at least 30 centimeters on both sides of the bed. Another option is to place a practical, comfortable and functional bedside rug at the foot of the bed, able to guarantee an equally valid aesthetic result.

on the other hand, you can place a carpet in front of the bathtub or sink, or, similarly to what is suggested for the kitchen, use a large one that covers both spaces, for a more modern and chic result.

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