When you think of installing an awning, you probably want to protect your deck and yourself from harsh climates. Ideally, durable and well-built awnings can enhance your comfort during the summer and winter while giving your home a better look.

It’s worth noting that awnings come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. What you choose depends on the size of your house and your needs. Therefore, choosing the right type of awnings can be life-saving. 

But first, what’s an awning?

An awning is a supplemental roof designed from waterproof fabric. Simply put, it’s a shade attached to the exteriors of a house. It provides shade on sunny days and protects on rainy and stormy days. Majorly, awnings are used as functional structures; however, they can also be used as decorative structures. They can either be permanent or temporary. Since they are attached to the main house, it’s a good idea to always buy a sturdy awning for guaranteed durability.

There are four main types of awnings.

1.      Retractable – Retractable awnings offer immense flexibility, hence one of the most sought after awnings. Usually, if you want to get shade or shelter from these awnings, you extend them. But if you want the sunshine to light up your space, you can roll or fold them up to retract them.

A retractable awning offers some covering options from the outdoors.

Awnings are either manual and moved by a crank, or extended and retracted by a motor started by a trigger button, sensor, or remote control. If you opt for the sensor-triggered awnings, you can program it to automatically extend and retract based on various events such as rain, strong winds or snow. Though they offer many conveniences, awnings are costly.

2.      Fixed/stationary awning – This category of awnings is fixed to the main building wall, and they offer constant shelter. In some cases, these wall-mounted awnings come with additional support poles installed at the end of the extension to offer durability. Remember, stationary awnings are incredibly stable and sturdy; thus, they can withstand strong winds and rains.

If you are looking for permanent shelter for your patio or deck, the fixed awning might be the best option for you because it will offer protection 24/7. What’s more, these awnings can be customized to meet your needs.

3.      Freestanding/Portable awnings – These are portable types of shades, meaning, you can move them from one point to the next. Though not very sturdy, these types of shadings offer decent protection from the sun and dust particles and have the advantage of being mobile so they can shield you anywhere.

Portable awnings fall into three different categories: umbrella, canopy, and freestanding.

Though they have the advantage of portability, these awnings won’t give as reliable shelter as a wall-mounted awning would. These awnings might leave you exposed to undesirable weather elements. But, if you buy two or three awnings and place them side by side, they offer a better amount of shade.

Alternatively, buy a canopy. It offers a better cover.

Window covers

Window covers are specially designed covers that can block the sun from reaching the interior of your home via the window. They come in different sizes and can be stationary, retractable, or even motorized. Though they serve a protective function, you can install them to give your home a new elegant look.

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